Frequently Asked Questions

What is stewardship?

  1. Stewardship is the prayerful work of managing our time, talent and treasure to be agents of God’s kingdom on earth.

  2. At Saint James we believe stewardship is a part of our spiritual journey and our relationship with God.

What is a pledge?

A pledge is your commitment to make a financial gift that supports the mission of Saint James Church. Pledging is a response to God’s call and abundance in our own lives. As such, it is not a legal contract. If circumstances change during the year and your pledge cannot be fulfilled, you are not responsible for the unpaid remainder.

Why do we need annual pledges?

Pledging is helpful in several ways: First, it requires us to sit down and become deliberate about our giving, making something that is sometimes haphazard into a focused intention. Second, it helps the congregation understand how to budget and plan for the coming year.

What happens to the money I give?

Parishioner donations support everything we do at Saint James — from the ministry of our lay persons to the ministry of our clergy to supporting our outreach ministries to making our liturgical, education and music offerings possible. Additionally, part of your pledge supports the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan and the global Episcopal Church.

Who can make a pledge?

Anyone can pledge to support the ministries of Saint James.

Do the contributions made in the weekly offering cover our expenses?

Weekly non-pledge offerings amount to approximately 38% of our annual budgeted revenue. The single most important source of funding for our ministries comes from pledges made during our annual stewardship campaign. These gifts provide 60% of the church’s income. The remaining 2% comes from incidental sources such as building use fees, interest, and in-kind gifts.

Do we have an endowment?

We do not currently have an endowment to support our daily operations. All annual expenses are covered by annual giving. In your estate planning, please remember Historic Saint James’ Church.

What is the “Crowley Fund” for Capital Improvements?

Day-to-day operations are supported by “The General Fund,” while large facility improvements are funded through “The Crowley Fund” for Capital Improvements, named after a former rector who became suffragan bishop of the Diocese of Michigan. The Crowley Fund supports such large capital expenses as the boiler, the roof, parking lot resurfacing and the like.

How much should I pledge?

A person’s standard of giving should reflect their standard of living, understanding that every family financial situation is different. We ask each parishioner to make a pledge that is both responsible and significant based on their financial situation. A tithe (10% of your income) has long been held as the standard of Christian giving. For some it is a goal to be reached through incremental increases each year. At Saint James, every pledge, no matter what amount makes a valued contribution to our mission and ministry. If you would like to make a proportional pledge or tithe, the following chart may help:

When should I pledge?

You can pledge at any time. An online form can be found below. In particular, we ask everyone to make a pledge on Pledge Sunday each fall by bringing a pledge card to church, mailing it, or pledging online.

Do I have to pay when I pledge?  Can I pay in installments?

A pledge is simply a promise to give. You may fulfill your pledge in as many payments as you wish throughout the year. Pledges are accounted on a calendar year basis, beginning January 1.

Can I pay with a credit card or directly through my bank account?

You may fulfill your pledge with a major credit card, although we ask that you consider adding an extra 3% to cover bank processing and transaction fees charged to Saint James. Click here to make a credit card payment, or contact our Treasurer, Curt Crysler at 734-676-1727. The same goes for paying directly from your account.

How can I set up a recurring credit card or debit payment?

We welcome recurring credit card and direct bank payments to fulfill a pledge. To set up a recurring payment, contact Curt Crysler, Treasurer at 734-676-1727.

Can I pay by a gift of stock, a donor-advised fund, or through other means?

Yes, you may pay by a gift of stock or financial securities, or through a donor-advised fund. To make a gift of stock in payment of a pledge, or for all other questions, contact our Treasurer, Curt Crysler at 734-676-1727. We welcome all kinds of pledge payments!

What happens if I can't give as much as I pledged?

A pledge to give is a commitment to your church and fellow parishioners, but it is not legally binding. If your circumstances change, you may notify the church you need to change your pledge. If you are blessed with unexpected extra income you may increase your pledge as well.

Who knows how much I pledge?

Saint James Church's stewardship staff and finance office keep all pledges strictly confidential.




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We rely on generous contributors like you to make Saint James all it can be. Our worship, music, Christian education, and our ministries that serve the vulnerable in God's name in Detroit and around the world, are funded by parishioner gifts.

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